Pinpointing the Right Kind of Investment

As long as you do it carefully, there is rarely a downside to making an investment. The simple act of setting aside some money for a set purpose, and then receiving a larger sum back again is universally attractive, but it’s fair to say that there are numerous ways that you can choose to invest [...]

Running an Ethical Business

Running a business is undoubtedly an art. At the core of any successful business is the ability to make a profit; a business that fails to do this won’t remain in business for very long, so you can’t pretend that this isn’t important. However, that’s only a part of the story, as successful businesses also [...]

Turning Your Business Around

Running a business can be difficult; a significant number don’t make it through the first year, let alone live on to long-term success. Effective planning before you begin is a good way to improve your chances, but if you’re already in the position of running a struggling business then what can you do? The first, [...]

Ensuring Efficiency in Your Legal Business

Running a legal business is very like running any other sort of business; your goal is naturally to be as productive as possible. However, running an efficient legal firm is perhaps especially fundamental, as people are looking to you to handle a very important service, and because of that they want to be reassured about [...]

Top tips to minimise security risks for your business

Every year in Britain, burglary costs over £450 million in the UK alone; this huge amount of money is damaging to businesses, individuals and the wider economy of the country. Burglary figures have actually been very encouraging in the UK in the last decade, with instances of burglary dropping from 890,099 in 2003 to 501,048 [...]

Viral Marketing Techniques

For many marketers today, the viral marketing campaign has become something of a holy grail; effective, efficient, and economical, a viral marketing campaign uses word of mouth to spread from person to person – like an epidemic of brand information. At its very basis, there are two simple keys to viral marketing: 1. Create valuable [...]

The Self Employment Boom: What is so Attractive?

The recent boom in UK self-employment has been the subject of much debate in the news, and according to The Guardian British unemployment is now registering its lowest figures for five years, with the growth of self-employed workers providing the backbone for this welcome happening. Although analysts are busy trying to determine whether this rise [...]