Top tips to minimise security risks for your business

Every year in Britain, burglary costs over £450 million in the UK alone; this huge amount of money is damaging to businesses, individuals and the wider economy of the country. Burglary figures have actually been very encouraging in the UK in the last decade, with instances of burglary dropping from 890,099 in 2003 to 501,048 [...]

Viral Marketing Techniques

For many marketers today, the viral marketing campaign has become something of a holy grail; effective, efficient, and economical, a viral marketing campaign uses word of mouth to spread from person to person – like an epidemic of brand information. At its very basis, there are two simple keys to viral marketing: 1. Create valuable [...]

The Self Employment Boom: What is so Attractive?

The recent boom in UK self-employment has been the subject of much debate in the news, and according to The Guardian British unemployment is now registering its lowest figures for five years, with the growth of self-employed workers providing the backbone for this welcome happening. Although analysts are busy trying to determine whether this rise [...]

Basics For All Businesses

Whatever business you run, and whatever industry you’re in, there are a range of laws and regulations that you need to be in compliance with – especially if you employ any staff. These are the basics upon which every business is built, and the consequences of ignoring them can be dire. Employment Law If you [...]

How Independent Accreditations Can Make Your Career in Law a Success

In all aspects of life it is important to have the right qualifications in order to be taken seriously and to have the success that you deserve. This rings especially true when your chosen career is to be a lawyer or solicitor as your very job depends on people both trusting you and taking you [...]

The Best Methods of Interactive Brand Marketing

If you are trying to sell a product or a service, no matter what it is, you will only be successful if you make an effort to get it noticed. The only way you can do this is to make an effort to get your product noticed by as many people as possible, and if [...]

Creative Ways to Make a Product Stand Out

To have success with a product it is vital that you have a unique selling point which sets it apart from the competition and that you market it in the most effective and appropriate way. In order to do this and succeed in business there are many things you absolutely need to get right, such [...]