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How Independent Accreditations Can Make Your Career in Law a Success

In all aspects of life it is important to have the right qualifications in order to be taken seriously and to have the success that you deserve. This rings especially true when your chosen career is to be a lawyer or solicitor as your very job depends on people both trusting you and taking you [...]

The 3 Most Important Products in Shipping & Logistics

If your business needs to move goods around in bulk, whether within the country or internationally, you will need to put some time and consideration into your shipping and logistics choices. Here is a quick guide to some of the most important products in this process. Pallets Driven by the use of forklifts and container [...]

The Importance of Keeping up Appearances

 Keeping up appearances in your work place is an inexpensive and good habit to get into. Even if your customers never visit, a clean, tidy and well maintained work environment can boost productivity and reduces accidents in the workplace, at the very least.   Clean Windows   Windows are one of the few architectural elements [...]

Brilliant Business Brain

Business can often be viewed as a cold and calculating machine that lacks the internal fun of other enterprises. Oftentimes business stands to represent ‘the man’, or people don’t want to be seen taking ‘corporate gigs’ for fear that it will alienate them from the ‘cool’ sections of society. Well, there is good news; business [...]

Keep Your Business Running

It has always been a daunting prospect to run a small business, even more so in the current climate. If you are a small business owner it can often feel like everything is against you, people often expect small businesses to be unsuccessful, especially new ones. The statistics about small business success rates are not [...]

Post Budget Blues

It is two days since the Chancellor delivered his 2013 budget to the House of Commons. I have for many years listened intently to the budget speech as it is delivered on the radio. Somehow the radio makes the experience of the budget seem slightly more surreal. Hearing but not seeing the MP’s jeering at [...]

What’s Your Office Dress Code?

I hadn’t given much thought to the dress code in my workplace until I made a visit to one of our suppliers. I was somewhat surprised by their office dress code, or rather, the lack of any apparent dress code. It seemed that the staff wore whatever they chose. Whilst the staff probably enjoyed the [...]